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See problems as opportunities for growth & selfmastery

EVERY WALL IS A DOOR - Ralph Waldo Emerson 每一面墙都是门- 美国思想家Ralph Waldo Emerson (爱默生)的名言

Friday, October 30, 2009





槟城 (Penang) - A friend from Hong Kong all the way came to Malaysia just to visit  Penang, whereas we stay here not even take a look at it, may be we are too busy with our job and career. I work in Prai, Penang, everyday seeing the the Komtar and Penang Hill when I go to work, because they are just right in front of my office, normally, I didn't look at them and I didn't appreciate it.
One day evening, When I walk out from office after work, I suddenly saw that the sky was cloudy and turned dark, I knew it’s about to rain, but the scene was beautiful, so  I quickly took out my camera and snapped some photos. 

一天傍晚, 放工从办公室出来,看到天很黑, 知道快要下雨了,但景象很美,所以赶紧拿起相机把它拍下来.