See Problems As Opportunities For Growth & Selfmastery

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Brave Enough To Face Changes In Life...我的人生哲学, 勇敢的去要面对和适应变化

See problems as opportunities for growth & selfmastery

EVERY WALL IS A DOOR - Ralph Waldo Emerson 每一面墙都是门- 美国思想家Ralph Waldo Emerson (爱默生)的名言

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Folk Art 我的彩绘

I like Arts... I do painting not only on paper & also on my life........I want my life to be full of colours ............wish that there is no regret in my life.

我喜爱颜色, 我喜爱彩绘, 我不只是在彩纸上彩, 我还努力的为自己的人生彩出生命的剧本,让短暂的生命里能够发出光彩,千万不要让自己有遗憾。




Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Wedding 快乐的结婚去

Today I am glad to say that I have completed these wedding dolls....I took about 6 months to do it .......I took such a long time because I was too busy with those little little things in my life ...............there were too many things to be done in our life.

今天好开心, 我终于完成了这一对小娃娃,........总算起来,我一共花了六个多月的时间来完工,只因生活上有太多的琐事.要忙.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


On 24/10/09 - There was unity gathering for our company at Bayview Hotel, all of us went over to Hotel early in the morning to have our function. After that, I visited the "Hard Rock Hotel " just next to the Bayview Hotel, it is very unique and special where u can find some of the famous singer's belonging were displayed, i.e.their musical instruments and costumes. The statue of some of the singers also displayed inside and outside the Hotel. Noted that this is only one and the first " Hard Rock Hotel " in Malaysia.

24/10/2009 当天, 公司有集会在海湾酒店(Bayview Hotel ), 完毕后, 我跑过去隔邻的“Hard Rock Hotel "参观,一个很特别和富有音乐气氛的酒店,内有许多闻名于世的歌星的遗产,如乐器和衣物。。。。这是弚一间和全班马唯一的确“Hard Rock Hotel".


Friday, November 13, 2009

Bukit Tambun (武吉淡文) To Batu Musang (巴都姆商)

12/11/09 - Today visited a friend at Bukit Tambun. She operates a coffee shop there and we had our breakfast in the shop. With her tips and information, we got to know that the jety at Batu Musang to cross over to Pulau Aman (Aman Island) is just next to the town, is about 10 minutes drive from her shop.

When we came out from Bkt Tambun town, at the roundabout, we made a 3 O'clock turn and went into Batu Kawan, after passing by the Stadium Negeri Pulau Pinang ( Bandar Cassia ), we made another left turn and went straight to the jety at Batu Musang. There, the scenery is so beautiful and is so peaceful.

This is the landmark of Bukit Tambun Town which belong to a Kapitan long years back.......there is storey behind

12/11/09 - 今天, 去武吉淡文(Bukit Tambun) 找朋友, 顺便去附近的Batu Musang 码头, 在这里可以乘船过去阿曼岛(Pulau Aman).

This is the original township of B/Tambun, next to the shophouses is the Police Station and behind is the chinese cemetery. Daytime is quiet but nighttime will be traffic jam because of the seafoods. There are plenty of seafood restaurants around and make the town famous.

从Bkt Tambun 市镇过去只需求十分钟车辰,间中要经过在Batu Kawan 的槟州体育馆体育馆(Stadium Negeri Pulau Pinang). Batu Musang 码头, 风景秀丽, 很值得一游.