See Problems As Opportunities For Growth & Selfmastery

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Vinchen  部落格
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Brave Enough To Face Changes In Life...我的人生哲学, 勇敢的去要面对和适应变化

See problems as opportunities for growth & selfmastery

EVERY WALL IS A DOOR - Ralph Waldo Emerson 每一面墙都是门- 美国思想家Ralph Waldo Emerson (爱默生)的名言

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Folk Art 我的彩绘

I like Arts... I do painting not only on paper & also on my life........I want my life to be full of colours ............wish that there is no regret in my life.

我喜爱颜色, 我喜爱彩绘, 我不只是在彩纸上彩, 我还努力的为自己的人生彩出生命的剧本,让短暂的生命里能够发出光彩,千万不要让自己有遗憾。




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