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See problems as opportunities for growth & selfmastery

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Monday, March 29, 2010


Below are my handmade orchid flowers…….it’s made of Thai’s flower clay.

They are lasting and do not need water & fertilizers ……..


IMG_0522              IMG_1276 orchid blog               realistic clay art 027

        Phalaenopsis    蝴蝶兰                                                                                                               加德利亚兰       Cattleya


                                                                                IMG_0527 blog   Vanda


IMG_1285 blog        IMG_0569 -Nobile 1          IMG_0540

      Vanda                                                                    Nobile                                                                Cattleya


  IMG_0731 wild cat            IMG_0508 orchid blog              IMG_0038      

        Wild Cat                                                   Phalaenopsis  (small version)                                            Paphiapedilum                             



IMG_0936         IMG_0033            IMG_0942

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