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See problems as opportunities for growth & selfmastery

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010


Father's Day 2010


Frankly speaking, I do not know when is the exact date for Fathers Day of this year but I know only somewhere in June.

Till I received a greeting card from my children, then only I know is today, June 20, 2010 ( It’s the third Sunday of June ).

Well,  my children has expressed their gratitude and appreciation to me by giving me a greeting cards.

What I would like to say is “ Thanks, children, you all are great and you all are the best in my heart”


IMG 20          

Dear children

Daddy Loves You, Daddy will always knows the right thing to do for you and wish you all happy forever……………..


孩子们, 我爱你们, 我希望你们能够永远快快乐乐………………



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