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See problems as opportunities for growth & selfmastery

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bougainvillea - 纸巾花 ( 叶子花,九重葛 )

It’s the season, the bougainvillea flowers bloom in my garden.


年关将进, 天气转寒而旱, 这正是纸巾花盛开的时候,我家的Bunga Kertas (In Malay) 也不例外, 开的很灿烂.


DSC00158                     DSC00162                              


DSC00163         DSC00158          DSC00157



DSC00163      DSC00159    DSC00164



DSC00177     DSC00178    DSC00184


DSC00172  172     DSC00173     DSC00174  

 DSC00194   DSC00182   DSC00192


    DSC00161     DSC00159    DSC00191  

 DSC00168    DSC00170       DSC00169

DSC00165      DSC00167    DSC00166  

  DSC00196     DSC00069      DSC00153


           DSC00151            DSC00152      DSC00155   


           DSC00154     IMG_2697    IMG_2698 (2)


  1. WOw, your photos of the bougainvilla's are gorgeous! The colors are magnificent.

  2. Dear Tammy, thank you for yr comments, I planted it for > 19 years blooms only on dry season but not on raining season