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Sunday, January 24, 2010


On 08/01/2010, I was called to our training centre in K.L. to attend a computer wed-top system course for 2 days.

With this opportunity, I visited the Petaling Street ( The China Town) and the Central Market in K.L.,  

these are the 2 places that I visited each time when I came down here.

一月八日, 我去了吉隆坡的总行两天参加一项训练课程.

乘此机会, 我去吉隆坡的茨厂街(唐人街)和中央艺术坊. 这两个地点都是我长去的地方每当我下来吉隆坡.


On the bus and on the way to K.L………….

在巴士上, 心情是愉快的.

DSC00065         DSC00075         DSC00073

Passed by Ipoh …………..路过怡保


DSC01303 This is our Training Centre at Selangor.

这是我们在Selangor 雪兰莪州 的Training Centre. 


The China Town ( Petaling Street ) -

Petaling Street or known as Chinatown among tourists and it is located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur.

The unique features of Petaling Street (Chinatown) is the whole street was covered up by the transparent roofing. 

Petaling Street is a bustling market serving as a bargain hunter's paradise and one of the premier shopping areas in the city, which is distinct in oriental atmosphere.


在这里拥有华人商店, 书局, 餐馆或小贩摊子, 货品种类由布料至中草药都有,真正琳琅满目 ,而且充满生机勃勃的气息.

在这里, 你也可以看到许多礕眼蓝睛的外国游客在购物.

DSC00098                       DSC00082

The Chinese New Year is just round the corner.

In China town, we could see the “Red” colour all over the places and start feeling the mood of the Chinese New Year.

我们可以感觉到各处都是红红的, 知道华人新年快到了.


DSC00092            DSC00094            DSC00102


   DSC00100        DSC00095                DSC00101


Valentine - 情人节

Valentine day for 2010 is fall on the 1st day of the Chinese New Year  

Hawkers in China Town started selling Valentine’s items   DSC00088


今年的情人节是在华人新年的第一天. 茨厂街(唐人街)已经开始摆卖情人节的东西里.



Located in the heart of the city, a few minutes away from Petaling Street.

Central Market which was built in 1888 was originally a wet market. It has since being classified as a Heritage Site by the Malaysian Heritage Society.

It is now a landmark for Malaysian Culture and Heritage displaying a wide variety of Malaysian Arts and Handicrafts, Batik, Antiques and attractive souvenirs.


据说这幢历史性的建筑物, 在1888年时,原本是繁忙的湿菜市场,现在已改为是许多特色商店的集中地,专售卖各种令游客爱不释手的物品.




DSC00106              DSC00109              DSC00107

Main entrance                                 The artistic board                                        The Chinese Street inside the market


Inside the building there are two levels. On both levels are shops for souvenirs and handicrafts


As you look from the 1st floor, you can have a beautiful view of what's happening below you.

There's a lot of lovely food at the hawkers centre on the 2nd floor.

DSC00108                   DSC00116                    DSC00126


DSC00128                   DSC00131             DSC00130



This the lane that I like most ………… you can see all the local artists here

我喜欢走访的巷子, 这里都是本地画家找吃的地方……….

          DSC00138                  DSC00136             DSC00112


Malaysian artists display their works here and you may have your portrait painted on the spot


DSC00114            DSC00121              DSC00125

在艺术走廊,旅客可以光顾即席挥毫的 画家.

DSC00115                        DSC00119                  DSC00124


       DSC00117                               DSC00132                             DSC00134

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