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Sunday, January 24, 2010


DSC00016      DSC00018      DSC00010

DSC00028      DSC00032      DSC00030

Somewhere near my house, there is a Taiwanese Organic Farm, they planted many types of flowers, vegetables, herbs & etc., the place is open for public from morning till the evening, beside visiting, you can buy the flowers and vegetables from them or even eat in their restaurant. 
January 12, 2010, I visited the farm and took some photographs as I think that it’s a good place for us to visit and show support to save the nature and the globe. I have met one the Taiwanese lady who is one of care taker there, she is friendly and helpful, she explained to me some of usage of the plants and vege., but the problem was I couldn’t remember all, I told myself I would go and visit them again.
This is the 2nd time, I visited them and the 1st time was on September 2009. Frankly speaking, I am not familiar with them and don’t have much knowledge on the plants & herbs, in future, may be if I alway go.

DSC00006       DSC00012       DSC00021 021 sunflower

DSC00026    DSC00037       DSC00027

在我家附近,  有一个台湾花卉休闲农场, 一月十二号, 我去了造访他们, 这是第二次去, 第一去的时候是在去年九月,有朋友从槟城来,我带了他们去参观.

老实说,我很喜爱那个地方, 因为它是有机农场, 建康又环保,而且又是个花卉园, 环境很不错.

    DSC00049           DSC00050         DSC00105
这次去,刚好遇到谢大姐(台湾人),她是这儿的负责人之一, 她很友善和用心的跟我讲解一些关于种植事务, 而且让我在园里自由拍照, 很谢谢她.

DSC00051          DSC00054            DSC00055    四季豆

 DSC00062            DSC00065           DSC00064 丝瓜
      DSC00090         DSC00095    DSC00096

DSC00078           DSC00068           DSC00071
      辣椒                                                                             九层塔(金不换)                                                     水雍菜
DSC00081           DSC00087             DSC00084 金瓜

DSC00106 韭菜  DSC00042 丝瓜  DSC00086 地瓜叶

These are the herbs from Taiwan.

DSC00115         DSC00124         DSC00116
这是个有机农场, 是个好地方, 乘着假日, 大家不妨带着家人一起来做一日逰. 地点是Kulim Road, Macang Bubuk, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

DSC00066  No insecticides used, you can see the Bug on the plant.  没用杀虫剂,我们可以看到有臭虫停留在植物上.

I believe this is a good place, anybody can just drop in and spend their time to show support.  Organic Farming is to grow plants without any harmful industrial chemicals or industrial insecticides and is good for us.
The Taiwanese Organic Farm is located at Kulim Road, Macang Bubuk, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

DSC00001         DSC00128         DSC00110   
正门   - Entrance                                                     财神庙 – Taiwanese Temple                                     餐厅可供膳食- Restaurant
 DSC00127               DSC00041         DSC00103

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