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Sunday, January 3, 2010



26/12/09 – There is a Nyonya Baba Culture Museum in Penang which is the Pinang Peranakan Mansion located at Church Street, not many people know about it even the locals. Until the Singapore’s drama <<The Little Nyonya>> and our local TV production <<The Iron Lady>> were shown on TV, then only people start coming to visit.
30 years back, I was working at Victoria Street where it’s just next to Beach Street and Church Street. That time I used to go around that area to have my lunch and shopping, I also didn’t notice that there was a such beautiful Mansion.

After watching the <<The Little Nyonya>>, for curiosity sake, my family and I also went to visit the Pinang Peranakan Mansion. (Referring to the book, the word Peranakan is used to describe Indonesian Chinese. In both Malay and Bahasa Indonesia – “Peranakan” means “descendants”. Baba refers to the male descendants and the Nyonya the female).

在檳城的义兴街( Church Street ) 有一间僑生博物館, 鲜少人知道,就连本地人也不知道, 三十多年前,我在Victoria Street 上班,此街只有跟Church Street 相隔,当时我时常在那里走动,也不知道有这么一间古色古香的豪宅.

至到最近,本地的电视集《女頭家》和新加坡的<<小娘惹>>上映之后,大家才恍燃大悟,  顿时那条街道变得热闹起来.听说李心洁主演的电影《夜‧明》也是在这里拍的.
我也不落人后的跑去参观,果然不同凡在响,好漂亮的一间房子.這座四合院,融合了本地峇峇娘惹住宅的風格,內部與外觀都保持很完整,更收藏了多件名貴古董和峇峇娘惹文化的珍藏品. 在参观的时后,看到那些餐具,衣物和绣珠鞋子,突然让我拥有似曾相识的感觉,不禁使我想起我的外婆来,因为我的外婆也是一名娘惹,小时候,一到年假, 我们都会到外婆家小住,在那里我们看到了峇峇娘惹文化的东西,例如绣花衣服,绣花枕套与绣珠鞋子, 还有就是就是可以吃到娘惹菜与糕点.很可惜现在她人已经不在,她的遗物也不在了,还好我在我阿姨家找到唯一张旧照.


 Pinang Peranakan Mansion 002展現家财万贯的大宅高貴宏偉的風味。
The Mansion “Hai Kee Chan”



The posters in front of the Mansion shown those Movie & TV Series that shot here. 


Inside of the Mansion -
  Air Well Main Hall
从正厅走进天井                                          大门与正厅  

  Game Room  麻将厅                

            VIP Room                       
走进厨房                     The way to kitchen

  楼梯 Main staircase    露台 Balcony

楼上的厅堂 The hall at up-stair                         Dressing table inside the daughter’s bed room

    Wardrobe 衣柜     The wedding bed 睡床

The balcony at upstair 楼上露台                      女儿房间的休息处 Resting place inside daughter’s room


   梳妆台 Dressing Table The luggage 行李箱

  corridor 走廊   Another staircase 后方楼梯


楼上客厅 The main hall at upstair                        休躺椅 Resting bench

    会客厅          很古典的窗
The meeting Room                                     The antique window 


The Mansion is precisely a museum that offers a deeper look of the opulent lifestyle and the many customs and traditions of Penang’s Baba and Nyonya back in the old days. With over 1,000 pieces of antiques and collectibles of the era on display, it is an eye-opening experience for us.

More than just a Baba-Nyonya museum, this century-old stately mansion of eclectic design and architecture incorporates Chinese carved-wood panels with English floor tiles and Scottish iron-works, built at the end of the 19th century by one of local history’s famous personalities, the “Hai Kee Chan” or Sea Remembrance Store had once served as the residence and office of Kapitan Cina Chung keng Kwee.



The antiques …………….古董
                  照像机 Camera

   Tiffin carriers used by the Nyonyas

Wasing basin 洗脸盆


古典灯 The antique lamps……………..




The photos ……….
豪宅的主人 - 甲必丹鄭景贵
The owner of the house -  Kapitan Cina Chung Keng Kwee
( Kapitan Cina is a Title &  his name is Chung Keng Kwee) 


  The dressing of Nyonya & Baba 峇峇娘惹的衣着

Pinang Peranakan Mansion      Pinang Peranakan Museum 003

After visiting the mansion and seeing all those nyonya costume, i.e. baju kebaya, beading shoes, decorations, tableware, cooking utensils, molds and etc., it reminded me and made me thought of late-grandmother, she was a nyonya. Now, my late-grandmother is no more here and all her collections also unseen except that we found an old photograph of her.

参观完毕之后, 另人感到欣慰的是甲必丹鄭景貴故居经过百年之后均能保持完整,更收藏了千件名貴古董和珍藏品等文物让后人观赏, 实在难得。

Grandmother 2 (2) 左二是我的外婆 2nd from the left is my late-grandmother.


  1. Very beautiful pictures,
    * marlies

  2. The mansion is exquisite! I love the washing basin with the flowers. The furnishings are fabulous. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  3. Dear Marlis & Tammy, thank you. Wish u can make a trip to Malaysia....